Friday, 3 June 2011

Starting Slowly...

I've been through so many changes in my music it's not funny. Yet I'm pleased to say, I've never been a Beiber fan! (thank heavens) My iPod's latest look is stuffed with heavy rock, some classic stuff, some indie, a bit of drum and bass and a hint of metal.

I was thinking of putting together a list of music that I enjoy listening to at any time of the day, and here's how it went:
Three Days Grace: Riot
Jet: Rip It Up
Parkway Drive: Sleep Walker
Paramore: Misery Business
Three Days Grace: Over and Over
Nirvana: Heart Shaped Box
Prodigy: Invaders Must Die
Pendulum: Showdown
Cold War Kids: Audience
Interpol: Barricade
Times of Grace: Strength in Numbers
The Dandy Warhols: Everyday Should Be A Holiday
Disturbed: Prayer
My Chemical Romance: Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah ( Man what the HELL were they thinking with that title??)
Led Zepplin: When the Levee Breaks
Kasabian: Underdog

So yeah. If you're into some good stuff that can always pick you up, then jam these into your iPod and hit play. I know some of this stuff is pretty heavy going, but once you get into it then you won't want to stop playing it.

These are also great for when you want to be creative!!
Oh come on. We all want guitar THIS awesome!!  ☺

That's it for now!☺

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


So here it is. My blog.
Finally up and running, and I'll admit, I'm really quite impressed with myself. :D
I'll update my posts every couple of days to keep things rolling, and try to change the look every now and then, but I'd really like everyones feedback on how I can improve. Being a first timer, I WILL make mistakes!

Damn, this isn't as easy as I thought it was!! To much thinking involved!!!
Anyway, I've gotten this far so I'll try to keep going.

One Chord At A Time... will (hopefully) be a reflection and a mixture of I see the kind of music I love hearing, the trends that I'll follow, and the small things in life that make me and my friends smile. I'd like to include as many pics as possible, a positive outlook on life, and a bit of pop-culture, etc, etc.

There. Done. First post over and done with, stay tuned for the next!